We made it!

After receiving a friendly reminder from Nicole today, figured it was probably time to get going with this, as we are now in the middle of week 3.

A quick synopsis of the first 2.5 weeks so where I go after this doesn’t seem too egregiously out of the blue for you all:


Day 1: Having only actually arrived in DC about 12 hours earlier from the SWD conference, having never before in my life dealt with public transportation, and having similarly little idea of where I was actually going, I left my apartment at 7:30.  I wasn’t asked to arrive until 8:30, but I figured I’d need every minute.  Turns enough I was close enough to correct, arriving at 8:10, making a 10 minute commute 40 minutes with my blundering around.  Oops.

Day 4: Had a cool meeting. Would like to elaborate but because of non disclosure stuff I’ll refrain from that now and likely many times in the future.

I could tell you more about week 1, but with most people out of the office for an event in AZ, really it was a lot of getting oriented and working on little projects to familiarize myself with the various aspects of the GA office, and surely that’s not interesting enough to share with you all.


Week 2: More projects.  Settling in though.  Remember to write thank you notes to some folks at SWD, obviously the highlight of my week.  Attend Washington Nationals game Tuesday on friend’s company tickets.  Realize that I’m vastly underprepared in terms of cooking supplies and professional attire, spend every day after work hustling around DC trying to remedy these issues.  Manage to scrounge up the tools to scramble first egg Thursday night, the 19th.  Huge thrill. Thus far into week 3, efforts continue to appear relatively fruitful.


Week 3, to date: Because I’m getting tired and more importantly I need to call my grandparents, I’ll keep this brief: Yesterday my fellow intern, Michael, and I presented our intern service project, benefiting JDRF, in the whole GA team meeting, which was very well received. Aftering hearing our presentation, I was approached by state GA team member from the corporate office asking me if that might work in New Jersey as well.  After I followed up with him via email, wouldn’t be difficult at all to put something together for them benefitting the Central Jersey Chapter, stay tuned. Also attending a meet and great last night where new House Majority Leader McCarthy was present.  Neat. Tomorrow I’m attending a breakfast with two leading pollsters, then attending the Lantos foundation event honoring the Israeli president, Shimon Peres.  Hillary Clinton, who was honored last year, will be in attendance, and Joe Biden will be speaking. Bono is on the board, as is Elie Wiesel, so who knows maybe I’ll get to bump into them as well.  Not a bad lineup.  Looking forward to debuting a rather sharp suit for the affair.


Stay tuned.


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