Oops- I’m back

Hi guys. Once again apologies for being away so long.  I was out of town visiting friends up at school for the 4th from Wednesday night to Sunday night- a truly special time for all of you out there wondering how that went.  There really just aren’t too many times in our lives where we can be so close to so many of our friends who we love and enjoy being with so much when we don’t have papers, exams, or literally any other bit of work looming over our heads.  Add the fact that it was 75 and sunny and that we got to experience the most quintessentially American small town 4th of July celebration and I can honestly say that’s honestly the happiest weekend I’ve had in a while.


Anyway, back to my job.  I believe that the last time I updated you all of my activities I was assembling the database of all NDPP sites.  I finished this task don’t worry.   While I’ve done various other activities since then, the last thing I did today was draft a letter that a Senior VP of the company will be sending to every single employee in the US about grassroots initiatives and voting in the upcoming election, so that’s neat.  Fellow intern Michael and I have continued to iron out final details of our intern service project with JDRF in which we’ll have all GA and Public Policy Team members folding teachings, tying ribbons around them, and attaching thank you notes for the JDRF walk participants.  This all seems to be going well.

Don’t have much other news for now.  I’ll try to follow this up with something Thursday or so.



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